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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I am ordering the correct size harness for my dog?

Please give us a call (320)485-4825 if you need help or want to verify that you are ordering the correct size for your dog.

What if my measurements do not match those on the sizing chart?

Feel free to give us a call (320)485-4825. We use your measurements and the weight of the dog to help us select the best size from our standard choices or we can confirm that your dog should have a custom size.

Can I wash my harness?

Yes. In fact washing a harness will help to extend the life of your harness. Wash in COLD water and line dry. Do not put your harness in the dryer. If washing a harness that has a wooden spreader bar, remove the bar before you wash the harness. A clean harness will be more flexible and more comfortable for your dog.

Which carting harness should I purchase?

We offer two styles of carting harness. You should choose your harness based on the number of points of attachment on your cart. The Sierra Drafting harness has a single point of attachment. The Cascade Carting harness has the traces that go back on either side of your dog and requires a cart that has two points of attachment. If you do not yet have a cart, it is important to determine whether your cart will have one or two places for hooking up the harness.

My dog is still growing. Should I order a harness a bit larger so that he can grow into it?

For a dog to pull well a harness should fit correctly at the time you are using it. So our suggestion is always to order the size that will fit your dog well now and if he continues to grow, order him a larger size at that time.

At what age can my dog start pulling?

We work on obedience training with our young puppies. This sets the stage for learning and for the future commands you dog needs to learn. At about 6 months of age we will harness a dog and let them pull very light weight on a grassy surface to let them get use to the sound of something behind them. Eventually we will go to noisier surfaces. Keep them on a leash and walk with them, encouraging them as you go along. If you are running your young dog with a team it is possible to slot them into a position at 9-10 months of age but if your dog is your only one, we suggest waiting until your dog is closer to a year old to let them pull heavy weights.