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Harness Fit Evaluation

Thank you for purchasing a Black Ice harness for your dog. If you are new to harnessing a dog, a harness can be confusing. Stretch out your new harness and you will see that it is composed of a padded neck and breastplate, underarm straps and the main body of the harness which ends in the loop at the rear or the spreader bar.

A simple way to put the harness on your dog is to first visualize that the dog will actually come into the harness from the bottom and up through the neck. We find that an easy way to accomplish this is to fold the breastplate in half. This will line the sides of the neck with the underarm straps. We like to hold the dog between our legs with his head sticking out in front of us and then slide the harness onto the dog by coming up through the bottom of the harness and into the neck. When you release your hold on the harness, the front legs of the dog will need to be lifted up through those underarm straps.

Be sure that the dog’s collar is pulled forward of the neck of the harness and that the harness is settled onto the base of the neck. Often a harness will look bunched up on the back of the dog. You should grab the loop at the end of the harness and apply pressure while the dog strongly pulls forward which allows the harness to seat itself and conform to the body of the dog. (In the case of a weight pull harness or Sierra drafting harness, pull the bar over the rump of the dog).

To check the length, the neck must fit properly. Once you feel comfortable with the fit of the neck, have the dog pull forward in its harness as if it were pulling a sled. The body of the harness will conform to the body of the dog and we would like to see the webbing come to the base of the tail of the dog. An inch either side of the tail is also acceptable.

Also check the fit just in front of the dogs hind legs. When the dog is pulling in harness, the side straps of the harness will fall just in front of the rear legs. If the harness is too long, those straps might lie on top of the rear legs and interfere with their movement.

If you are not sure about the fit of your harness, please give us a call (320)485-4825. We’d be happy to help you evaluate the fit. We ask that you do not run your dogs in harness if you are unsure about the fit. We are happy to exchange a size if necessary but are not able to accept the return or exchange of any harness which has been used. Custom sizes cannot be exchanged or returned as they have been made to your specific measurements.

If you feel your harness needs to be exchanged for a different size please use a damp cloth to remove any dirt and vacuum harnesses to remove dog hair, include your original receipt and specific instructions for your exchange. All returns or exchanges must be made within 30 days of your invoice date. Items returned worn, dirty or damaged will not be accepted or returned.