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LP67   "In Harness"
SR36R   2" UHMW Runner Base (ordered with your kicksled)
SR36RA   2" UHMW Runner Base -
CL17   2017 Mushing Alaska Calendar
HE05   3/4" Italian Bronze Snaps
HE05-2   3/4" Italian Bronze Snaps
BK22   A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog, by Charlene G. LaBelle Revised Edition SALE WAS $12.95 NOW $9.95
LH08   Adjustable Leashes - 4 ft. leash which reduces to 2½ ft.
LH10   Adjustable Leashes - 6 ft. leash which reduces to 3½ ft.
TP24   Alaska Sled Dog Puppy Coloring Book
CR01   Alaskan Limited Slip Collar (adjustable)
CR02   Arctic Circle Collar (adjustable)
HE19   Arctic Shock Cord - 3/8"
BB61   Back Of the Pack, by Don Bowers SALE WAS $17.95 NOW $14.95
BK68   Balto and The Great Race, by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel SALE WAS $3.99 NOW $2.99
OR27   Basket Sled Ornament
DVD03   Beyond Glory, A Journey into the Heart of Mushing SALE WAS $26.95 NOW $19.95
BK83   Big Enough Anna, The Little Sled Dog who Braved the Arctic SALE WAS $8.95 NOW $6.95
HS54   Black Ice's Northstar Harness
SR55   Brush Bow
CP20   Cable Picket Line
CP21   Cable Picket Line - Additional Dogs
BG77   Cable Storage Bag
SR36   Canadian Kicksled
HE02   Caribiners (Locking Screwgate)
HE02-2   Caribiners (Locking Screwgate)
HE02-3   Caribiners (Locking Screwgate)
HE01   Caribiners (Standard Straightgate)
HE01-2   Caribiners (Standard Straightgate)
HE01-3   Caribiners (Standard Straightgate)
HS64   Cascade Carting Harness
CT01   Cascade Drafting Cart
NC65   Christmas Card - package of 10 cards & envelopes
NC67   Christmas Card - package of 10 cards & envelopes
NC71   Christmas Card - package of 10 cards & envelopes
NC74   Christmas Card - package of 10 cards & envelopes
NC75   Christmas Card - package of 10 cards & envelopes
NC77   Christmas Card - package of 10 cards & envelopes
LH13   Command Training™ Belly Band
LH12   Command Training™ Lead
LH15   Command Training™ Lead and Belly Band
LH14   Command Training™ Lead with Padded Handle
LH17   Command Training™ Lead with Padded Handle and Belly Band
LH22   Coupler
SG93   Deluxe Seatbelt
BG71   Deluxe Sled Bag
CP22   Detachable Drop Lines-Option
DJ90   Dog Jackets - SOLD OUT
MW76   Dog of the Arctic - Sweatshirts SALE WAS $20.00 NOW $15.00
MW77   Dog of the Arctic - T-Shirts SALE WAS $15.00 NOW $10.00
FR10   Dog Sledding Picture Frames - Horizontal Picture Frame
FR20   Dog Sledding Picture Frames - Vertical Picture Frame
TP52   Dog Team On Trail
BB65   Dogteam, by Gary Paulsen
CP24   Drop Lines
BB62   Elim, The Determined Athlete, by Joan Jackson SALE WAS $9.95 NOW $7.95
PK32   Explorer II Dog Pack
BB71   Father of the Iditarod, The Joe Redington Story, by Lew Freedman SALE WAS $16.95 NOW $12.95
GE31   Gangline Starter Package - for one dog
GE32   Gangline Starter Package - for two dogs
BK79   Granite, by Susan Butcher and David Monson SALE WAS $9.95 NOW $7.95
BB81   Greenland Expedition, Where Ice is Born, by Lonnie Dupre SALE WAS $24.95 NOW $18.95
CR06   Halti Headcollar SALE WAS $17.95 NOW $9.95
TP50   Hand Carved Wooden Pins and Tie-Tacks - Sled Dog Head SALE WAS $10.50 NOW $3.00
BG72   Handlebar Sled Bag
SK65   Heavy Duty Bearclaw - Out of Stock Please call for information
BB73   Hero Finds His Path, by Susan Amundson SALE $16.95 NOW $9.00
BB72   Honest Dogs, by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue SALE WAS $19.95 NOW $15.95
TP23   Husky Key Chain SALE WAS $4.95 NOW $3.95
TP25   Husky Magnet
TP35   Husky Pup SALE WAS $10.00 NOW $7.95
BB74   Ice Story, Shackleton's Lost Expedition, by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel SALE WAS $18.00 NOW $12.00
HS67   Icelandic Deluxe Competition Harness
HS62   Icelandic Weight Pull Harness
BK52   Iditarod Classics, by Lew Freedman and illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
BK54   Iditarod, The Great Race to Nome, by Bill Sherwonit SALE WAS $19.95 NOW $15.95
PK33   Jogger/Sport Pack
TP34   Kenai SALE WAS $15.00 NOW 10.95
BK77   Kiana's Iditarod, by Shelley Gill SALE WAS $9.95 NOW $7.95
GE30   Kicksled Bridle
GE91   Lead Section
GE14   Lead Section Neckline
LH00   Leashes - 18 in.
LH02   Leashes - 2 ft.
LH20   Leashes - 20 ft.
LH04   Leashes - 4 ft.
LH06   Leashes - 6 ft.
BK53   More Iditarod Classics, by Lew Freedman and illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
BB37   Murder on the Iditarod Trail -SALE WAS $6.50 NOW $4.50
BB38   Murder on the Yukon Quest - SALE WAS $6.50 NOW $4.50
NC68   My Best Friend Is A Sled Dog
NC92   Notecards by Laura Rogers - Siberian Husky
NC62   Notecards by Patricia Hudson - Alaskan Malamutes
NC76   Notecards by Patricia Hudson - Inuksuk
NC63   Notecards by Patricia Hudson - Malamute Pup
NC60   Notecards by Patricia Hudson - Samoyed Pups
NC61   Notecards by Patricia Hudson - Siberian Husky
NC64   Notecards by Patricia Hudson - Team Mates
HE18   Plastic Impregnated Cable - 5/32"
BB42   Polar Dream, by Helen Thayer SALE WAS $15.95 NOW $10.95
MW20   Polar Sno-Mittens - Regular Price $47.00 Clearance Price $30.00
DB01   Polartec™ 300 Fleece Booties
DB02   Polartec™ 300 Fleece Booties (Set of 4)
HE16   Polyethylene Rope - 3/8"
HE15   Polyethylene Rope - ¼"
HE17   Polyethylene Rope - ½"
HE26   Polyethylene Rope 3/8" - 500 ft spool
HE25   Polyethylene Rope ¼" - 500ft spool
BB41   Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers, by Gary Paulsen
CR05   Puppy Collar (adjustable)
HS53   Puppy Harness
LH43   Puppy Leash
HE03   Quick Release
GE18   Quick Release Line
GE19   Quick Release Line With Cable Loop Handle
GE21   Quick Release Line With Cable Loop Handle - Heavier 1/2" Polyethylene Rope
CR03   Quick Release Snap-On Collars (adjustable) - Alaskan Limited Slip Collar
CR04   Quick Release Snap-On Collars (adjustable) - Arctic Circle Collar
HE04   Quick Release with Cable Loop Handle
GE95   Quick Repair Modular Cable Team Section
GE96   Quick Repair Modular Gangline Replacement Parts - Team Section Neckline with Snaps
GE97   Quick Repair Modular Gangline Replacement Parts - Team Section Neckline without Snaps
GE98   Quick Repair Modular Gangline Replacement Parts - Team Section Tugline with Snaps
GE99   Quick Repair Modular Gangline Replacement Parts - Team Section Tugline without Snaps
GE93   Quick Repair Modular Team Section
GE94   Quick Repair Modular Team Section - Heavy-Duty ½" Centerline Option
BK56   Race Across Alaska, First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story, by Libby Riddles and Tim Jones SALE WAS $16.95 NOW $12.95
GE13   Replacement Parts - Cable Centerline
GE12   Replacement Parts - Polyethylene Centerline 1/2"
GE11   Replacement Parts - Polyethylene Centerline 3/8"
MW45   Samoyeds and Reindeer - Sweatshirts SALE WAS $25.00 Now $15.00
MW46   Samoyeds and Reindeer - T-Shirts SALE WAS $17.00 NOW $10.00
NC66   See You On The Trail™
BB70   Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, by Jennifer Armstrong SALE WAS $18.00 Now $12.95
GE17   Shock Absorbers - Double Loop Shock Absorber (for a 3-6 dog team)
GE16   Shock Absorbers - Single Loop Shock Absorber (for a 1-2 dog team)
GE22   Shock Absorbers - Triple Loop Shock Absorber (for larger teams - 1/2" safety line)
HS63   Sierra Drafting and Pull Harness
BK80   Silver, by Gloria Whelan SALE WAS $3.99 NOW $2.99
GE15   Single Tugline
SG88   Skijoring Starter Package I
SG89   Skijoring Starter Package II
HE35   Snap Shackle Release
HE35S   Snap Shackle Release - Substitution for Quick Release
SK64   Snowhook Holder
SK70   Snowhook Line
SK69   Snowhook Line - 5' x 3/8" Polyethylene Rope
SK62   Snowhook Line - 7' x 3/8" Polyethylene Rope
SK63   Snowhook Line - 7' x ½" Polyethylene Rope
SP01   Stamps - Dog Team SALE WAS $7.00 NOW $3.50
SP02   Stamps - Pawprint SALE WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00
SP03   Stamps - View From the Sled SALE WAS $10.00 NOW $3.50
PK31   Standard Dog Pack
SG84   Standard Hipbelt
GE92   Standard Team Section
VT07   Stay Alive! A Guide To Survival In Mountainous Areas - VHS WAS $10.00 NOW $5.00
BB48   Storm Run, by Libby Riddle SALE WAS $9.95 NOW $7.95
GE23   Substitution of 2 Carabiners
GE24   Substitution of 2 Locking Carabiners
CT02   Team Shafts
BK55   The Last Great Race, by Tim Jones SALE WAS $16.95 NOW $12.95
BB75   The Polar Bear Son, retold and illustrated by Lydia Dabcovich SALE WAS $6.95 NOW $4.95
BK20   The Speed Mushing Manual, by Jim Welch SALE WAS $12.95 NOW $9.95
PK34   Top Pouch - Small (9" x 5") - SOLD OUT
SG85   Towbar
SG81   Towline - One dog line
SC01   Towline - One dog towline
SC04   Towline - Three dog fan hitch
SG83   Towline - Three dog line
SC03   Towline - Three dog towline (single lead)
SG82   Towline - Two dog line
SC02   Towline - Two dog towline (can be used for one or two dogs)
HS61   Tracking/Walking Harness
BK16   Training Lead Dogs, by Lee Fishback - NEW SPIRAL BINDING
LH25   Training Strap
CT03   Wagon Shafts (One Dog)
CT04   Wagon Shafts (Two Dog)
BK18   Winning Strategies For Distance Mushers, by Joe Runyan SALE WAS $16.95 NOW $13.95
BK44   Winter Watch, by James Ramsey SALE WAS $9.95 NOW $7.95
HS52   X-Back Sledding Harness
HS51   Yukon Sledding Harness

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