Wenaha Dog Packs

Standard Dog Pack    PK31  $53.50
Known for their quality and durability, the Wenaha dog pack is without a doubt the finest dog pack on the market today. It is designed for even weight distribution, a secure fit and maximum comfort for your dog. Packs are made of 500 denier water repellent, coated Cordura nylon. The bottom half of each saddlebag is reinforced with ballistic cloth and double stitched for strength. The wide solid yoke across the back is foam padded for your dog's comfort. All straps have quick release buckles with neoprene padding. An adjustable nylon breast strap secures the pack in front and two adjustable straps secure the pack on the dog's body. D-rings are strategically placed to allow you to tie on light items. Pack includes an 11' wrap-around strap to better secure the packs in rough or mountainous terrain.
Color: Red or Green
Made in USA

Explorer II Dog Pack    PK32  $63.50
Ask about exercising your dog with a backpack! Explorer II Dog Pack Same high quality as the Standard pack but with easy to remove packs. The dog wears the well padded yoke and you set the packs in place on the heavy-duty Velcro strips. This innovative design simplifies loading and unloading, yet holds packs securely in place even in rough terrain. Your dog will appreciate the ease with which you can remove packs at a rest stop.
Color: Red or Green
Made in USA

                   Pouch Size
Sizes:     X-Small     for 20-40 lb. dogs     7" high x 11" wide x 3½ deep
  Small     for 40-70 lb. dogs     8" high x 12" wide x 4 deep
  Medium     for 70-100 lb. dogs     9" high x 14" wide x 4½ deep
  Large     for dogs over 100 lb.     10" high x 16" wide x 5 deep

Explorer III "Lightening" Dog Pack    PK37  $69.50
For those of your who need visibility at lower light levels, the "Lightening" dog pack delivers. This pack has the same great quality and features as the Explorer II with the addition of reflective strips the length of each dog pack along the edge of the zipper flap. Reflective tape has also been sewn onto the back of the padded yoke so that if your dog is not wearing their pack, the yoke will still reflect light.
Color: Red   Sizes: see above
Made in USA

Top Pouch
Top Pouch Wenaha's Top Pouch is designed to fit on either the Standard or the Explorer II by strapping on to the D-rings on the top of the pack. The pouch provides extra room for easy access items. A mesh pocket is a handy storage space for your leash.
Small (9" x 5") / Large (11" x 7")
Color: Red or Green
Made in USA

Sizes:     Small - fits X-Small, Small, and Medium PK34 $15.00
     Large - fits Medium and Large PK35 $16.00

Jogger/Sport Pack    PK33  $49.50
The Jogger/Sport pack has smaller panniers but has an additional pocket in front for carrying your water or juice bottles. On the outside of the main bag is a mesh pocket for easy access items. The Jogger/Sport pack has the same popular two part feature as the Explorer II model. This pack is meant for people who like to walk or jog with their dog. It allows enough room for your lunch and drinks.
Color: Red
Made in USA

                   Pouch Size
Sizes:     Small     for 40-70 lb. dogs     9" high x 7½" wide x 4 deep
  Medium     for 70-100 lb. dogs     9½" high x 8" wide x 4½ deep
  Large     for dogs over 100 lb.     11" high x 9½" wide x 4½ deep

Top Pouch for the Jogger/Sport Pack    PK36  $14.00
Similar to the Top Pouch described above but made for the Jogger/Sport Pack.
Color: Red
Made in USA

A Guide to Backpacking With Your Dog, by Charlene G. LaBelle Revised Edition   BK22R  $12.95
Almost any breed can backpack. Learn about training and conditioning, trip preparation and trail manners. Discover the joy of your dog's companionship on the trail. 107 pages (softcover)

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