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These are the harnesses you need for hauling heavy loads or for weight pulling competitions. Sewn with competitive weight pulling in mind, they are strong and durable harnesses designed for a dog's safety and comfort while working. Each harness is made of wide, heavy-duty nylon webbing to better distribute the work load and thick padding for extra comfort. The hardwood spreader bar prevents side straps from pressing against the dog's hind legs. The sturdy 1½ inch stainless steel attachment ring allows for easy hookups. These harnesses meet IWPA, ISDRA and AMCA requirements for weight pull competition. Although built to tough competition standards, these harnesses are also one of the most comfortable and durable harnesses available for recreational use. They are excellent harnesses for all forms of pulling, although the lower point of attachment does not lend itself readily to skijoring.

    Measuring instructions are found on page 7.

Icelandic Weight Pull Harness     HS62  $45.00
This is the basic weight pull harness we've always offered. It is made of 1¼ inch, 4000 pound test nylon webbing and triple padded with a thick plush for extra comfort.

    Webbing color: Red, Black, and Blue
    Padding: Black Acrylic Pile
Made in USA

Icelandic Deluxe Competition Harness     HS67   $85.00
A top of the line weight pull harness with the competitive dog in mind. This harness features heavy-duty 1½ inch, 6000 pound test nylon webbing for additional strength. The neck and breastplate are padded with ¼ inch supple neoprene foam covered with Polartec 300™ fleece, and for extra protection and comfort the the harness is padded with Polartec 300™ under the front legs and along the sides to the spreader bar. A neoprene pad is also added under the "x" on the back for comfort.

    Webbing Colors: Red or Black
    Padding: Polartec 300™ and neoprene
Made in USA

Icelandic Harness Options
Reflective Strips    HS68  $8.00 extra per harness

Four 4" strips of reflective Scotchlite Strips can be added to each harness so you can see your dogs better at night and for greater safety in the dark.
Custom Sizes    HS60  $15.00 extra per harness
We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate most dogs. However, if you want a custom fit, we would be glad to sew a harness to your measurements. Please measure carefully since these harnesses are not returnable.

Puppy Harness    HS53  $12.00 Puppy Harness
Start your pups off right with our puppy harness. Allow your youngsters to get the feel of putting on a harness and begin light training. These harnesses are the same sturdy construction as our Yukon harness but are made without padding for light training. A harness will be made just for your puppy, so measure carefully and let us know if you would like it slightly larger, giving room for growth. Your puppy should be at least 4 months old and weigh 30 to 35 pounds before ordering this harness.
Measure your pup just as you would for a Yukon harness. Measuring instructions are found on page 7.

Webbing Colors: Red, Black, Royal Blue or Purple.
Made in USA

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