Sled Parts

For those who would like to build their own sled or upgrade their present sled, we offer these parts.

UHMW Runner Bases
Runner bases are cut to the following dimensions and are ready to be drilled to attach to your sled. They are made of ¼" thick UHMW plastic which is approximately 6 times more durable than regular high density plastics.
Shipping $13.50
Made in USA

Narrow 1¼"(W) x 8'(L) SR37 $29.00 per pair
Standard 1½"(W) x 8'(L) SR38 $31.00 per pair
Wide 2"(W) x 8'(L) SR39 $33.00 per pair

Brush Bow

½"x1½"(W) x 4½'(L) UHMW with rounded edges SR54 $20.00
½"x1½"(W) x 10'(L) UHMW with rounded edges SR55 $35.00
Shipping $13.50
Made in USA

Hardware and Supplies

Standard straightgate HE01 $8.95
Locking screwgate HE02 $10.95

These high test cold forged aluminum carabiners are perfect for attaching your gangline to the sled bridle. They are strong, lightweight, functional and never rust or freeze up. Your gangline can be quickly snapped into place or easily removed from the sled at the end of a run. Standard carabiners are 1.8 oz and locking carabiners are 2.0 oz.

Quick Release    HE03  $4.50
This handy piece of hardware allows you to attach a line from your sled to a stationary object (tree, bumper, etc.) for secure team hookups. It's quick and easy to release, even under tension. When you are ready to go, just pull the release and you're off.

Quick Release with Cable Loop Handle    HE04  $10.50
A coated cable loop has been added to the release mechanism for easier operation, especially when wearing mittens or gloves.

Snaps    HE05  $5.00    
5/8" Italian bronze snaps (commonly referred to as brass snaps) are used on all our equipment. We highly recommend these larger snaps for extra strength and ease of handling with gloves on. They are tough, durable and do not freeze as easily in cold weather. (We have a limited quantity of a similar bronze snap for $3.00 each - please inquire if wanting to order these.)

Polyethylene Rope
¼" red, blue, black HE15  20¢/ft     HE25  $80/500' roll
3/8" red/black, blue/red, black HE16   25¢/ft     HE26  $100/500' roll
½" black HE17  35¢/ft
Shipping for rope will be charged at the actual rate
Made in USA

Plastic Impregnated Cable
  5/32"  HE18  $1.50ft

Made in USA

Arctic Shock Cord
  3/8" heavy-duty, black  HE19  80¢/ft

Made in USA

Other items may be available. Give us a call for pricing.

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