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Cable Picket Line
Our Price: $50.00

Deluxe Plastic Impregnated Cable - 2 Dog Picket Line We have just one 2-dog picket line available.

The cable picket system is perfect when traveling to races, weight pull events, backcountry camping, or any time you need to secure one or more dogs. Cable line allows you to safely stake out your dogs without the worry of them chewing free. The picket line is attached between two stationary objects such as trees, bumpers, etc. End lines are long enough to wrap around even large trees. Cable line comes with two steel pearbiners for quick, secure attachment of the ends. The permanently attached drop lines are 24" long with 5/8" brass snaps and are spaced 5' apart. This spacing will allow neighboring dogs to touch each other. Shorter drop lines are available if you prefer no contact between adjacent dogs. Our design allows drop lines to swivel and pivot preventing tangling and kinking. Our lines are made from 5/32" polyolefin impregnated, high strength marine cable. Unlike the common clear vinyl coated cable, this durable coating is UV stabilized and amazingly resistant to dog chewing, guaranteeing longer life for your picket line.Best of all, our cable picket line is ¼th the weight of most chain systems.

Detachable Drop Lines-Option
Our Price: $6.00

Detachable Drop Lines - add $6.00 per dog Picket lines can also be made with detachable drop lines (5/8" brass snaps at each end), as pictured above. The detachable lines have many uses and are especially handy for individually staking out dogs to your vehicle or kennel fence and can also be used as a leash when moving dogs around. Extra detachable drop lines are also available and are handy to have around.

Ordering Instructions:
Order a Quantity equal to the number of drop lines on the picket line you are ordering.
Substitution of 2 Carabiners
Our Price: $19.00

Substitute 2 standard aluminum carabiners for the pearbiners that come with your picket line.  They are lighter in weight and less prone to freeze up.
Substitution of 2 Locking Carabiners
Our Price: $25.00

Substitute 2 locking carabiners for the pearbiners that come with your picket line.  Locking carabiners are more secure, lighter in weight and less prone to freeze up.
Drop Lines
Our Price: $15.50

Your cable picket line comes with the drop lines that you'll need but we also offer extra lines as spares or if you just need a line for attaching dogs to your vehicles, etc. (24” long - call (320) 485-4825 to order custom lengths)
Cable Storage Bag
Our Price: $19.00

Keep your cable lines neatly coiled in a convenient storage bag made of tough Cordura with a Velcro® closure.

Color:Black, Royal Blue or Purple