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Welcome to the web page for Black Ice Kennel and Dog Sledding Equipment. Please take a moment to read our message. We hope you find what you are looking for in our extensive line of dogsledding products. If you don't however, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (320) 485-4825 or contact us by e-mail at

Black Ice does not support on-line ordering. When you are ready to order, please call Shilon at (320) 485-4825.

David, Shilon, and Cianna Bedford

Be sure to look for our new icon "Glacier." He indicates products we want to draw to your attention. Also many of our products are made in the USA, and we have put a small note on those products that are made here.

Interested in knowing more about David and Shilon? Then be sure to read about them at Meet David and Shilon Bedford. This fact sheet about the Bedords first appeared on the web page of the Minnesota Malamute Club. Many people have expressed interest in learning more about David and Shilon, so David and Shilon agreed to have the information made available on the Black Ice web page.

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